The Razor’s Edge

**Welcome readers from Bold & Free** And thanks to my good friend Jan for posting my spoken word poem, A Case of (Mis)Taken Identity on her blog. Check it out y’all – she’s a wonderful writer and you’ll be blessed by her words. 

Life is such a trip.

Why am I here? What was I created for? What is my calling, my purpose?

These questions interrupt my oblivion. These questions beckon me to seek and explore the path that God has set me on. It’s a path wrought with peril and intrigue and beauty and brokenness. It’s a path which pounds in my chest and rises in my throat.

Trust me, there are days when I’d rather watch The Voice or traipse around Target than to wrestle with Life’s Big Questions. But alas, God wired me to ponder and provoke. So here goes…

God created me, and you, to walk this thing out with Him. But first we have to open the gate, and friend – Jesus is the gate.  The Gate is narrow, and not everyone will slip the latch – not because all are not welcome – but because all will not choose to travel the razor’s edge that lies beyond.

Those of us who have walked through The Gate must not think of ourselves as worthy –  Hello? We are walking around with 2 x 4’s in our eyes. NO, we must walk each other home, hand in hand, sometimes yanking, sometimes letting go for spell, but always, always, beckoning our fellow sojourners onward.

What about those who are standing outside the gates? Or those that have walked through the wide gate that leads to destruction? Shall we scream and point fingers and roll our eyes and puff our chest? No, we illuminate The Gate  by becoming more and more like Jesus. And we are not more Jesus-like because we go to church, or belong to the “right” political party, or adhere to a set of moral codes.

We are more like Jesus when we do what he did, and live like he did.

So, how does one find out what he did and how he lived? Well, a good place to start is by reading the Gospels. Any one will do fine (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) although I am partial to Matthew. If you have never read an entire book of the Bible, it might be helpful to discuss the text with others. These others don’t have to be pastors or scholars or such – any old gal will do – hint, hint. And if you don’t have a Bible, I know someone who will give you one. Ahem.

And what of you who know the Gospel and feel you’re on the narrow road that leads to life? Who feel like you’ve got heaven all sewn up?  Sister, brother, I humbly challenge you to read one of the Gospels as well. And while you are reading, write down or highlight all of the things that rub you the wrong way. Note of all of things that Jesus says and did where you are tempted to say, “That doesn’t apply to me,” and then, go do those things.

Note: I say this fully aware of my plank and that my version of Christianity doesn’t always look like what Jesus modeled. Many days I need to recalibrate, set my feet on the True Path, the one that cuts me to the quick, like a razor’s edge.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “The Bible? No Thanks,”  give the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan a whirl, then ask yourself afterwards how you might experience more of what God wants for you while you are here on Big Blue.

The road that leads to life is quite a trip. But Jesus is an excellent guide. He won’t lead you to comfort or safety but he’ll hold your hand the entire way.

“Enter through the narrow gate. 

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction,

and many enter through it. 

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life,

and only a few find it.

Matthew 7:13-14