People Are Not Trash

Or vile. Or disgusting. They do vile and disgusting things, but this is not who they are. The person you are calling trash was born to be amazing, knit together in their mother’s womb by a God who STILL has a plan for their life.

When you see people in pop culture (or the public, or in LIFE) displaying behavior you deem vile and you decide you can not remain silent! Please remember that is someone’s daughter you are calling a skank. Imagine her mom nursing her as a baby in those early days, dreaming of her future. Imagine her dad taking her to ballet lessons and teaching her to ride a bike. Imagine their sweet daughter inexplicably going off the rails during middle school or high school or college or when she became famous or when she was sexually abused or assaulted or her parents divorced or she made a dumb teenage decision to drink or try drugs. Imagine the enemy of her soul reinforcing her shame and society fanning that flame and increasing her fame. 

Imagine if (God Forbid!) it was your daughter or son. Imagine if your daughter was a public personality and the Christian culture was calling your daughter a disgusting piece of trash and calling it, “being salt.” It’s not salt. It’s poison. Stop. Please.

I get it. I’ve done it. It’s so easy to comment on someone’s Facebook post or retweet something without thinking. And also, let me cop to the passive-aggressive nature of this post. Perhaps I should instead have been salt to the offending person, but I’ve seen it from so many others – again, including myself, that I felt compelled to write this.

Let me also confess that I have recently called a certain presidential candidate an idiot. Okay, a few of them. I’m going to work on that. I invite you to call me on it if you see or hear me disparaging someone’s character. And to all the presidential candidates’ mothers, I am sorry. I am praying for you. And them.

Perhaps you will join me next time you are tempted to post, tweet or say something about someone’s daughter or son, in getting on your knees first and asking God to guide you in your response. Ask him how he feels about the person, and respond accordingly. 

 With much grace, and hopefully not too much salt –



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