Welcome To My War

In the darkness of your mother’s womb, a war broke out. The first battle was for your very life – would you make it out alive? Clearly, you did. The next battle was for your soul, which requires you to pick a side. Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven’t, perhaps you thought you did but some days you’re not sure, or perhaps you question if you picked the right side. Either way, the war continues and the final battle in which you must fight is the one for your destiny.

Welcome to my war.

It’s easy to feel brave doing quite dangerous things like scaling mountains or taming lions or taking more toddlers than you have hands for to a water park if these things are not your calling. Why? Because no one cares. And by no one, I mean the No One that says, “Who do you think you are?” And, “You can’t do it.” And, “You will drown toddlers today.”

But do something simple, something safe, like string a few words together on a blog, or give a speech, and suddenly you’re on a ship headed towards Normandy. You know what lies ahead. You’ve heard the stories, been on this trip before. You hear gunfire. What is that smell? Your hands begin to shake, the bile is rising…again you ask, what is that smell? Is it death? Suddenly Tom Hanks says, “See you on the beach.”

Those words, they are enough, for today, to get you out of the boat and onto the shore. They are enough for you to do what you were created to do:  run up the hill, guns blazing, giving the finger to the No One in your head.


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