What A Ride It Has Been

by caragab

I began this blog in October of 2011 with this post.

I said then my goal was to spur others on to love and good deeds. I hope that in some way I have done that.

But let’s be honest: blogging is basically self-serving and narcissistic. I’ve tried to keep my focus on you, the reader, and never come to the page seeking adoration, though it was impossible to completely divorce myself from the notion of it.

I made myself a promise early on that I would never look at the number of readers or subscribers and so I’m not sure, past the occasional commenter, if anyone reads what I write. I also decided early on that I would write only when I felt God egging me on – that it didn’t matter if anyone was reading it. I would write at His will and hit “publish” and not look back. Though I found it impossible to divorce myself completely from the hope that someone would in fact read it, and like it, and even comment on it. Smile.

In 2012 I resolved to memorize the Sermon on the Mount – Jesus’ most famous sermon, found in Chapters 5, 6 & 7 of the book of Matthew. Most of my writing this year was my commentary on that journey. I also wrote about love, ladies wrestling, prayer, poverty, social media, things that suck, peace, God, church, divorce and marriage. For a few months I posted something inspirational on Thursdays but after a while it felt a bit gimmicky so I bagged it.  The most personal posts I wrote this year were Grace for the Hard Marriage, Two Words, and Had I Known Then.

Currently I have 28 unpublished drafts, posts that I started and abandoned for some reason. Here are a few of the titles: Dear Church, Risky Business, Using Facebook for Good and not Evil (ha), In Which I Come Out of the Closet (bet you’re wondering about that!), How to Cultivate a Religious Spirit and When Caring Isn’t Enough. Maybe someday I’ll pick where I left off on one or more of those.

So maybe you can tell by my tone so far that there is a wrapping up taking place.

I am not ready to say goodbye, but I am feeling that it is time for a break. First of all, I am right now sitting in Denver International Airport with my husband and my youngest daughter, getting ready to leave my home for 6 months to attend a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. As a family, we will be blogging about our experience, and I can’t see keeping two blogs up at the same time – talk about narcissism! However, I can’t say  the Spirit might not move me to share something personal about our journey with you, here, at Salt and Grace.

So all that to say, my writing here is likely to get sporadic. If you are subscribed to the blog you will get a notification in your email if I’ve written something new. If you don’t subscribe, you may want to (just scroll down to the end of the page of the blog and click on the sign up by email link), or just stop by every now and then and see what is up!

So, faithful reader, thank you. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. As I hit publish on this and board my plane, know that I am thanking God for you and praying for you and asking him to bless your 2013.